Something Big is Rollin' In

Something Big is Rollin' In

There's Excitement in the Air...

A legendary way to experience vacation is rolling in this summer! A way of life for many, a new adventure for others, Zephyr Cove Resort and Lake Tahoe Cruises will be bringing home to you. 

Can You Guess What I am?

1. The idea of my creation started with a vision of the open road, the outdoors, and freedom
2. My choice of color is silver
3. I'm lousy at driving so I have to be towed
4. I'm told often that I'm "Classic"
5. My iconic look makes other brands envious of me
6.  I'm known for my movie star good looks
7. Comparatively, I'm large in size, but light in weight
8.  Who needs a mirror when you can look at me

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