Gift-shop.jpgIn the Zephyr Cove Lodge, you'll find our large Gift Shop & General Store has everything you need. From terrific seasonal apparel to great Tahoe souvenirs, gifts and decorative items chosen for their quality and value, you'll enjoy browsing for it in our store. You can also pick up a travel guide to the Tahoe area, and stay up to date with current newspapers and magazines. And, of course, you’ll find necessities like film, beverages, snacks, sunglasses, sunscreen, sundries, groceries, and other supplies.

Gift Shop

The Shops at our two beach locations in Zephyr Cove offer similar items, with special emphasis on supplies for boaters, beach goers and cruise passengers.

You’ll also find gift shops aboard the M.S. Dixie II. Browse their great assortment of souvenirs and gifts – including T-shirts.